Tackling America's Toughest Questions: The Media Interviews Francis A. Boyle by Francis A. Boyle

This collection of Alternative Media interviews is intended to provide the kind of frank analysis and in-depth discussion of America's thorniest questions that would otherwise remain unheard.

Here, Boyle documents, critiques and refutes all of the atrocities the Bush administration has inflicted upon international law and human rights, the United States Constitution, and the U.S. Bill of Rights from 9/11 until it left office. Orchestrated by neo-Nazi neo-conservatives and implemented by fascistic Federalist Society lawyers, their classic "paradigm shift" moved America towards legal and constitutional nihilism.

With a view to shifting the paradigm back to where it belongs, Boyle tackles hard-hitting questions on the "war on terrorism"; "unlawful enemy combatants"; Guantanamo; kangaroo courts; the torture scandal; extraordinary renditions; the illegal invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq; war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan; the threats to attack Iran and Syria; the anthrax attacks on Congress; the Bush green lights given to Israel to attack Gaza and to Georgia to attack South Ossetia; and spying on the American People.

This book will provide Americans with a better understanding of the damage inflicted, and how to restore respect for the rule of law, both international and domestic, through the Obama administration.